Shri Nandre, Ashtavinayak Tower

“Our home is as per Vastu, it is flooded with sun light and is airy. I don't have to switch on the fan/AC even during summers. When my friends visit they always admire this aspect of my home. My relative wanted to purchase a flat in the same building, when he visited a few years ago, but in the past 10 years not a single flat has been up for resale here.”

Shri Narkhede, Imperial Meadows

“I love the honest, hardworking and down to earth nature of Shri.Ashok Talware. When I first met him I did not feel like I was meeting a builder but I felt like I was meeting an old friend. I love living in Imperial Meadows and have already made two of my close friends at the office book the Villas here.”

Mrs.Chittodkar, Imperial Villa no.8

“Every time I enter the huge campus I feel at peace. There is good energy in the Vastu here. Every evening when I return home from work, I feel fresh in no time. Aamcha ghar Khup haveshir Aahe”.

Shri Sachin Mahale, Blue Haven

“My home is spacious, with a huge living room. Attached terrace for the living room, master bedroom and children’s bedroom keep my wife and kids entertained and add to the luxurious feel to the apartment.”

Mrs. Brahmankar, Blue Haven

“The location is really good. It is walking distance from the fruits and vegetable market and all the best schools and colleges are close by.”

Mr. Kailash Agarwal, Springfield

“When I saw Springfield, I fell in love with the attached terraces given to each flat. They reminded me of my home back in Chattisgarh. Nashik mein kahan milte hain aise ghar.”

Shri Ajay Dahiya, Springfield

“The view of the huge open land from my flat and the proximity of Shri Guru Gobind Singh school made it very attractive for my wife and I. Plus, It is value for money so we bought two adjacent flats.”

CA Arvind Singh, Blue Haven

“The spacious rooms and location made it a good second home for me. Once I retire from my practice in Mumbai, I intend to spend most of my time here, away from the hustle bustle of the big city and be close to my place of worship.”